Quantum Sanitary Napkin

Quantum Sanitary Napkin


World's First Premium Sanitary Napkins with Scalar Energy

Enhanced with Scalar Energy

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Every Quantum Sanitary Napkin has the following values:

  • Wellness Value
  • Intrinsic Value
  • Collector's Value

Package Includes :

  • 4 Quantum Napkin Packs
  • (1 panty liner pack) (P300 – 30 pcs)
  • (2 day use packs (P250 – 10 pcs)
  • (1 night use pack (P250 – 8 pcs)


Quantum Sanitary Napkins provides hygienic and comfortable protection to women all the time. Each pad is made of premium materials that ensure better absorbency, enhanced with advanced HEMC Core Technology: Active Oxygen, Negative ION, Far-Infrared Ray, Magnetic and Scalar Energy

Original Quantum Napkin by Health Excel Marketing Corporation