QS Life Water System

QS Life Water System

Enhanced with Scalar Energy

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Every Quantum Water System has the following values:

  • Wellness Value
  • Intrinsic Value
  • Collector's Value


World’s First Alkaline Anti-Oxidant Ionic Water System enhanced with Scalar Energy

The QS Life Water System produces ALKALINE, MICRO-CLUSTERED, IONIZED, SCALAR-ENERGIZED water.  This is the only water system that has
Scalar Energy.  Aside from producing living water, this home appliance has other multi-purpose uses such as producing water for beauty regimens,
general disinfectants and more.

Alkaline Water Ionizer Enhanced with Scalar Energy for Optimum Health and Peak Performance!

Alkaline Water  benefits:

  • Micro-clustered water molecules increase cells hydration
  • Negative Ions (ORP) in Alkaline water fights free radicals
  • Aids in body’s natural detoxification
  • Helps restore the body’s natural PH balance levels
  • High solvency property of alkaline water washes away pollutants in fruits and vegetables easily

Scalar Energy Water benefits:

  • Promotes positive flow of energy within the body
  • Optimizes our body’s natural energy for peak performance
  • Strengthens our resistance to harmful Electro Magnetic Frequency and EMR (radiation)

Original Quantum Water System by Health Excel Marketing Corporation