GFT Tabs saves you money!

Friends, here is another proof that GFT really saves me money on my fuel consumption. In this photo, look at the average speed of 27km/h and the record of 8.6 Liters/100km. It means that I get 11.62 kilometers per liter of diesel at an average speed of 27km/hour.

This program in my Montero and maybe the same as in other vehicles, will enable you to monitor your fuel consumption as soon as your engine starts. And whether the vehicle is on a standstill, in the midst of traffic jam, or running at a certain speed, the computer will give you the average speed/hour and your consumption of fuel in L/ 100km, when you stop and check the metrics.

Well, this photos show that GFT really saves me money, reduces my vehicle emission and increases my engine power! Join us in our Green Fuel Tab revolution!

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